Immigration Law

13Regardless of what your immigration matter may be, our firm is prepared to handle your case.  We represent clients in all areas of immigration and nationality law matters including administrative applications with the USCIS, removal and deportation proceedings in the Immigration Court, appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals and representation in the Federal District Court.

Immigration law is federal and not state law, therefore, we represent clients regardless of where in the United States they are located.  In fact, we represent clients from all 50 states and around the world.

We know from experience that each client is special and different and each case is unique, as a result we give each and every case the comprehensive and independent analysis it deserves.


Green card


Employment- Based Immigration

Family-Based Immigration

Investor Visa

Removal / Deportation Defense



Consular Processing Overseas


Our practice includes obtaining green cards (through work or family, labor certifications, extraordinary petitions or waiver of the national interest), citizenship, work visas for H-1Bs (specialty occupations); H-1C (nurses); H2A/B (seasonal and agricultural workers); H-3 (trainee); L-1s (intracompany transferees); E-1 and E-2 (treaty trader and investor);  O and P visas (extraordinary ability one’s field and internationally recognized athletes and group entertainers); K and V visas (fiancée and immediate relative), religious workers, S,T and U visas (law enforcement), asylum applications, citizenship/naturalization, waiver application, and visa processing. We represent clients in deportation proceedings as well, through appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals and Federal Courts.

We also regularly help our clients on complex waivers for crimes, visa overstays, and the foreign residency requirement for J visa holders.

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